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LibertyShield VPN - это не самый известный VPN-сервис, но у него 5 серверов по всему свету, он поддерживает по 1 устройства на лицензию, так что есть смысл изучить его поближе. Рейтинг LibertyShield VPN составляет 3.0, это за их цены, начинающиеся от $ 7.58/месяц

Feb 1, 2019
Пользовательские обзоры на LibertyShield VPN
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Service is terrible.IT DOES NOT WORK. Do not waste your money.

I have paid a one year subscription. Was good for about two weeks after which it started to get slower and slower. Streaming video from any service supplier simply doesn't work, Netflix, Youtube, Iplayer, it takes 4 minutes to download a photo from icloud. I contacted the so called support who have no understanding of how a VPN works, kept replying with rubbish and demanding that I give them remote access to my machine. I tried this service on Windows, MacBook, IPad and IPhone using there own tools to set up the VPN service.

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    Right On

    I am with you on this. I have had the mini version of this for more than a year, and now it will not connect to the internet. I tried following their advice (only by text, no phone conversation possible). I switched it and my main router off for the two minutes recommended - same result, every time I try to connect to it, by phone, computer or smart TV it says the same - no internet connection. They said it was a problem with my EE router - they sent me a new one, but same problem. Very disappointed.

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    Excellent Product and Support

    I have tried several providers over time but none beat Libertyshield - they provide a cost-effective product that does everything I need. Speed, reliability & cost I cannot fault it at all - £20 for a router!!

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      Vpn router and support

      It arrived fast AND easy to connect! Positives over 72mb to under2mb and that was good !!! Customer support? Friendly? Knowledgeable? False advertising. All totally clueless and learly dont read WHAT you provide. Ask for help beyond, rest,turn of,reeboot? Best JUST bin the device. Utterly incompetent

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      Характеристики Подробная информация
      Количество стран с серверами 9
      VPN ведет логи? Частично
      Есть ли у VPN kill switch? Нет
      Количество устройств на лицензию 1
      Стоимость 3.0 / 5.0
      12 Month
      $ 7.58 /месяц
      6 Month
      $ 7.79 /месяц
      1 Month
      $ 9.09/месяц
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      Количество устройств на лицензию: 1
      VPN программы www.ukproxyserver.com
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