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My Expat Network - это не самый известный VPN-сервис, но у него 120 серверов по всему свету, он поддерживает по 3 устройства на лицензию, так что есть смысл изучить его поближе. Рейтинг My Expat Network составляет 4.2, это за их цены, начинающиеся от $ 3.50/месяц

Feb 11, 2019
Пользовательские обзоры на My Expat Network
Paula Ehren
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Cannot Access Amazon Prime Video

After eleven months of contacting Expat VPN’s help desk regarding my inability to access Amazon Prime Video I’m ready to throw in the towel. Their support personnel generally respond within hours to any inquiries, but sadly, Expat VPN is unable to resolve the issue. Additionally, many responses from support personnel require clarification due to the incomplete instructions conveyed by Expat VPN’s support personnel. In general...frustrating, irritating, and not providing the service they advertise.

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    My Expat Network Team

    Hello Paula, we are very sorry you had problems accessing Amazon Prime. We assume this is Amazon Prime UK. The UK Prime service has been subject to some blocking by Amazon. In 2018, we introduced an enhanced VPN connection called Stealth Mode. This is currently working for Amazon Prime UK. For the US we use a "domestic" IP address. This guarantees uninterrupted access regards

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    Why doesn't UK come up straight away.

    I have to keep changing it from Australia to UK.This has been pointed out by other people for ages.Yet it hasn’t been corrected. It didn’t work for me in China. I’m considering changing to the one I did use in China.

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    Very disappointed!!

    At the beginning I was satisfied. For some time now (during the last 10 days) the connection to the Danish server has practically never worked! But my subscription is still running... Either nothing happens (the flag remains "pale") or the message appears that the VPN server did not respond.

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    Характеристики Описание
    Количество местоположений серверов (стран) 4
    Количество серверов 120
    Ведет ли этот VPN-сервис логи Частично
    Есть ли у этого VPN-сервиса кнопка экстренного отключения Нет
    Количество устройств на одну лицензию 3
    Стоимость 4.2 / 5.0
    $ 3.50 /месяц
    $ 3.50 /месяц
    All Devices
    $ 6.00/месяц
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    Guy Fawkes
    (Anonymous Cybersecurity Experts)

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    Гарантия возврата денег (Дней): 30
    Мобильное приложение:
    Количество устройств на одну лицензию: 3
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