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SwitchVPN Oтзывы (2020) - Неожиданно лучше, чем другие

Алекс (Шурф) Френкель |
Экс-хакер и специалист в области технологических исследований

SwitchVPN combines excellent reliability of the network and advanced network technology that provides a stable, reliable and fast access to the data without compromising privacy. You can access blocked sites on a specific server, you also available unrestricted channel and other benefits. At the provider 80 servers in 31 countries. You can not worry about anonymity. Product price is based on the desired level of security. The safest type allows you to quickly switch between servers in different countries, so you are unlikely to keep track of - IP also vary by country, but it is the most expensive package. An important advantage of SwitchVPN - the presence of the emergency stop function. It ensures that in the event of a failure in SwitchVPN your data will not be disclosed, the Internet connection will be terminated instead. SwitchVPN allows you to select the appropriate server, so you can easily view information on the network you installed encryption filter. With SwitchVPN you can also choose the type of VPN-connections. You are available PPTP, L2TP and OpenVPN. Any server running 99% of the time and disruptions in the compound are virtually absent. Yet, SwitchVPN not as easy to use as analogues, mainly because there is no reliable technical support. Even though you have access to dozens of locations, IP-addresses are not many. Another problem is that many of the addresses are used for a long time and may be blocked by Google. Proxy can solve it by changing the address.

Характеристики Подробная информация
Количество стран с серверами 32
VPN ведет логи? Нет
Есть ли у VPN kill switch? Нет
Количество устройств на лицензию 5
Легкость использования 4.7 / 5.0

1. Download the software from the site. 2. Once downloaded, click on it and select «Run.» 3. Double-click on the icon on your desktop, enter the username and password provided to you when you purchase a subscription. 4. Next, select the protocol and server. 5. Click «Connect».

Стоимость 3.2 / 5.0
Премиум Раз в год
$3.99 /месяц
Families Раз в год
$5.99 /месяц
Families Раз в месяц
$9.99 /месяц

SwitchVPN offers a package «Pro VPN», and business services. The first allows you to connect simultaneously 5 devices, the second 10, the site also can purchase additional slots. All available in different subscription plans with discounts for a long period.

Надежность и поддержка 4.6 / 5.0

SwitchVPN compound works quickly and reliably. Support is available around the clock seven days a week, the staff is friendly and professional. The fastest method of communication — chat in real time, although the solution of certain problems can be time consuming. You can also send, view frequently asked questions and manuals.

Основная информация

В целом, вот что мы думаем о SwitchVPN

SwitchVPN very easy to install, high speed connection. You are invited to an unlimited channel 80 servers in 31 countries, so you are not restricted by territory, whether regional block or broadcast. Your level of protection increases with more expensive packages, the most expensive is the safest. SwitchVPN also offers an emergency shutdown in case of failure in the network, you do not disclose their data, but the connection is dropped, which ensures complete safety. A permanent rotation of IP, to minimize the chance of blocking Google.

  • Серверы со скоростью в гигабит в секунду
  • Торренты доступны на голландских серверах
  • Большой выбор типов соединения
  • Простая и быстрая установка и настройка
  • Ротация IP
  • Функция экстренного отключения
  • Начать работу с SwitchVPN прямо сейчас
Гарантия возврата денег (Дней) : 30
Мобильное приложение :
Количество устройств на лицензию : 5
VPN программы www.switchvpn.com
Пользовательские обзоры на SwitchVPN
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Гол давуу тал нь хэрэглэх боломжтой бүх тохиргоо байгаа. Дээрээс нь зааврууд нь маш ойлгомжтой.

Эхлээд ямар тохиргоог сонгохоо ойлгохгүй байсан. Ойлгоод 5 төхөөрөмж хэрэглэх боломжтойг мэдсэн. Router, Iphone, Android гээд 1 хүнд бол бүх төхөөрөмж дээр хэрэглэх болож нээлттэй байгаа. Бас encrypt байгаа болохоор нууцлал 100 хувь.к

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    Хороший, но не лучший

    Удовлетворительный сервис. Мало IP адресов, и если хочешь использовать несколько девайсов, то придется заплатить.

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      Хороший сервис – плохая техподдержка

      Неплохой сервис, ровное и надежное подключение. Делает то, что от него требуется – защищает анонимность. Однако, техподдержка не сразу реагирует на запросы.

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