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Unlocator VPN - это не самый известный VPN-сервис, но у него 5 серверов по всему свету, он поддерживает по 1 устройства на лицензию, так что есть смысл изучить его поближе. Рейтинг Unlocator VPN составляет 4.1, это за их цены, начинающиеся от $6.58/месяц

Sep 28, 2019
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Сен 28, 2019
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Completely unresponsive to requests to cancel

It did not work with certain streaming services, so I informed Unlocator.com that I wanted to cancel my subscription. I was advised to wait until the end of the 12-month subscription, that no refunds are issues. I assumed they'd stop trying to collect for the renewal, but this is not the case. I receive regular emails stating that their attempt to collect was denied (thank god). I have written to them three or four times now explaining that I stopped using the service months before it expired, and that I wanted them to stop trying to collect. NO RESPONSE, AND THEY ARE STILL TRYING TO COLLECT. Interesting that there is no phone number or Live Chat window on their site.

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    Jonathan Thackray
    •  5
    Unstoppable. Great Smart DNS.

    Unstoppable. Speed doesn’t change, works on all devices except XBOX and has a small yet effective VPN to stop DNS Hijackers when needed. Never slows you down unless using VPN in cafes and public places for protection. A Smart DNS is the way to go if you need access to everything.

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      Terry Page
      •  5
      It simply works wherever I am!!

      It works invisibly and is good value, not really a problem but sometimes my current IP address would not be updated on the system automatically. An oddity I don't understand is to download programs from BBC iPlayer, I need a conventional VPN on as well, but streaming works OK without the VPN. I spend a lot of time in Russia which is quite restricted at times on internet browsing, so I often use "StrongVPN" for browsing but of course Netflix and some others block conventional VPN's now. I have just renewed for a second year and give it 5 stars for general use on Windows PCs and laptops plus Android tablets and phones, I use it on all these plus I have the router in Russia set up to the Unlocator DNS Servers as well.

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        Количество стран с серверами 28
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        Количество устройств на лицензию 1
        Стоимость 4.1 / 5.0
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        $6.58 /месяц
        6 Месяца
        $8.17 /месяц
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        Гарантия возврата денег (Дней): 14
        Мобильное приложение:
        Количество устройств на лицензию: 1
        VPN программы www.unlocator.com
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