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Фев 14, 2020
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Can't Connect to Firestick

I'm having the same problem as GottmitAlex. Can't connect to Firestick, and all I keep getting from them is "Send us a screen shot." When I manage to log in to amazon (which I can't seem to do on my PC running Unlocator) Prime knows I'm not in the States. Something major is not working!!

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А Вы знали? Мы публикуем все отзывы пользователей, компании не могут заплатить за добавление или удаление отзывов.

    Фев 4, 2020
    •  3
    DNS unreliable

    Their smartDNS service worked fine for a year but now all of a sudden is not reliable. I can’t stream BBC IPlayer, and when I try to use Sportsnet or CBC Gem I get the error message that I cant use outside of Canada. Something is clearly wrong. When I try to get support they just want me to send screenshots over and over again - nothing really gets fixed.

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      Янв 18, 2020
      •  2
      Long term customer about to leave

      I’ve been using unlocator for a number of years, if ever I encountered a problem support were on top of it, usually fixing within a short period of time. Since December 4th I’ve had problems with Prime streaming from an iPad and iPhones. First support told me they don’t provide support on prime UK for ipads and it’s only the US version. When it was pointed out that amazon video UK is now known as Prime UK another member of staff apologized and told me they do provide support! I have emailed support on numerous occasions with no fix, just a stab in the dark as to what to try. On numerous occasions I’ve emailed and they have ignored me. Don’t bother with them, they seem like they are losing ground and can’t provide an adequate service!

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